Textile Masterclasses and Workshops Newburgh and Perth Scotland

Textile Masterclasses in 2017

Since expanding from the Hat in the Cat shop in Perth into the renovated building at 3 Clinton Street Newburgh in 2011, Big Cat Textiles has gone from strength to strength, and is now one of the leading providers of textile masterclasses in the UK and in the international textile community. Our classes attract both students and tutors from all corners and every continent of the globe – with the exception of Antarctica, but we’re working on it!

Our newest schedule of masterclasses really does offer something for everyone. Click here for the 2017 schedule and scroll down the page for some films of some of the tutors returning in 2017 (not necessarily with the same class), made at Big Cat Textiles by Tracey McConnell-Wood.

Class durations vary from 2 to 5 days and there’s a link to a booking form with each class. Please email us if you need more information on info@hatinthecat.co.uk. The regular day classes list is also available. Classes in spinning, felt jewellery, vintage hats, wall hangings, scarves and more are available. Click on the link in the left hand column for further details and contact us if you would like information on a class that is not listed.

Students! Sponsored Classes

This year we would like to encourage students to attend classes we feel would be of particular benefit to them with a 20% (ish!) discount. (Click on the links below for full details of the classes.
We are offering 2 sponsored places on each class strictly on a first-come/first-served  basis. (One sponsored place per student.)

Costumes at Hat in the Cat

Hat in the Cat is offering a new service in costume reconstruction for museums, galleries, collections and exhibitions at both public and private venues.

Replica costumes based on rigorous research, and drawing on Jeanette’s training at the Comique Opera in Berlin and other major Opera Houses, can greatly enhance the authenticity of your event or display, and bring any historical period vividly to life.

Our service combines meticulous research and knowledge of period materials with an awareness of contemporary body shapes and concepts, as well as the fabrics and trims available today, allowing us to work within realistic budgets.

We can also offer workshops on historical costume making to integrate into your outreach and gallery programme.

The film below will give you an idea of Big Cat Textiles in Newburgh and Hat in the Cat in Perth. Hope you enjoy it!

If you’d like to know more about what’s been happening, BIG CAT NEWS will take you to the latest Newsletter. Happy reading!