Textile Masterclasses and Workshops Newburgh and Perth Scotland

Welcome to our website! Hats below and much much more available at Hat in the Cat – click on the link on the left for info. If you’d like to know more about what’s been happening in the past few months, BIG CAT NEWS will take you to the latest Newsletter. Happy reading! Jeanette Sendler Tartan

Jeanette Sendler Tartan

 The 2015 Masterclass Schedule is now open! (Click on link)

Here are some pics from the classes and events that filled our days last summer. Hover your cursor over the slideshow to pause and move it away to restart. On touchscreens tap to pause and refresh page to restart.

For the 2015 masterclass season, we’ll be welcoming back old friends, Molly Bullick, India Flint, Charlotte Sehmisch and Anna Cocciadiferro and we’re very much looking forward to welcoming more fantastic practitioner/teachers to Big Cat Textiles for the first time.

Larry Thomas

Larry Thomas Drawing Class

Artist Larry Thomas, http://www.larrythomas.info  will be joining us from America to deliver a drawing masterclass. Visit the website to see his wonderful drawings. Each summer he teaches at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology on the coast of Oregon and we’re delighted that he’ll also be coming to Newburgh, Scotland.



Dutch designer Charity van der Meer is another practitioner who manages to take felting to a different level. Take a look at Charity’s website to see more of her very special creations. http://www.sharit.net/Collection_Felt.html

The regular day class schedule is available. Classes in spinning, felt jewellery, vintage hats, wall hangings, scarves and more are available. Click on the link in the left hand column for further details.

The Gallery Flat is available for rent throughout the year and can cater for groups of up to 6. Use the Accommodation link on the left for more details. Other accommodation in Newburgh is listed there.