Focus on Colour – Painting, Drawing and Collage

with Alison Mountain
Painting Drawing and Collage

Painting Drawing and Collage

Working with sketchbooks we begin the week by thinking about process; gathering personal information, ideas and concepts to begin to structure a way forward. Discussing drawing in its broadest sense, we will spend time experimenting with a wide range of mark making and media. This will be followed by a full day of life drawing.

A brief overview of colour, examining and experimenting with mixes and media will follow, allowing everyone to choose an area they have found most inspirational during the week to develop further. Throughout the summer school we will look closely at the work of both traditional and contemporary artists and there will be a range of books and films available at the venue.

Whatever your level of expertise, we’re confident you’ll leave this summer school feeling energised and ready for new challenges.

Studio for Drawing and painting workshopAlison Mountain painting Black and White