Aborigine Inspired Surfaces

with Andrea Noeske-Porada
Andrea Noeske-Porada Aborigine Inspired Surfaces - student work

Andrea Noeske-Porada Aborigine Inspired Surfaces – student work

Aboriginal inspired sculptureAboriginal paintings consist of densely packed dots, stripes and lines which merge together to create a rich surface design. From a distance these optically alive paintings themselves almost appear to be textiles.

An unusual felting technique allows us to design a surface without any mix or blending of the coloured dots. Using this technique we are able to recreate the fascination of aborigine paintings onto felt.




Clear lines, sharp contours and precise folds are the trademarks of Andrea’s felt work. For her it is an ongoing process of experimentation and construction to achieve the desired geometrical shape, colour scheme and finish of the project. Her felt making is a true combination of material and technique. Andrea lives and works in Wiesbaden, Germany. There she teaches under the motto: “encourage the experimental, provide individual mentoring and guidance, and consider the journey to be the most important part of the process”.