No-resist method for hollow felt forms

with Anita Larkin
Anita Larkin - Feltmaker

Anita Larkin – Felt maker

Fall in love with feltmaking all over again as you use fibres as if they are a modelling material. The resist method of making hollow felt forms has definite limitations in creating shapes. We will address these by making the shape “in the round” right from the start. Fibres can be moulded directly in the hand, torn apart, added to, stretched, and manipulated in the dry state before forming a pre-felt skin on the surface of the form, and continuing on to shaping during fulling.

The workshop will look at ways of joining 3D forms onto each other during the felting process to build sculptural organisms of each student’s own desire and design. Abandon the resist and leap into new felt forms. Be aware of felts full sculptural potential.


Anita Larkin - Felted Forms

Anita Larkin – Felted Forms

Watch the fascinating film below about the making of a musical instrument and sculpture that Anita made in collaboration with Mark Holder Keeping and Richard Robinson.