Haute Couture Construction

with Anna Cocciadiferro
Anna Cocciadiferro: Haute Couture Construction

Anna Cocciadiferro: Haute Couture Construction

This course focuses primarily on construction. Using original vintage jacket patterns, you will have the opportunity to try on a range of sample jackets to check your fit.

During the first day you will trace the pattern onto paper with alterations if needed, cut from your chosen fabric and lining, and start to sew the body of the jacket.

On the second day you will focus on shaping the collar and the rever, learning how to build up shoulders and reinforce sleeve heads.

On the final day you will learn how to create faced buttonholes, and assemble the jacket and lining.

You will complete the course having learned the skills involved in constructing a copy of a vintage pattern and take away a tailored, vintage jacket.

This is an intensive workshop where you will learn a wide range of skills. In order to complete this in three days, you will work in the studio from 10-6pm.