Being (t)here 1

with India Flint

This short film (7 mins) was made during India’s residency in Newburgh during 2013

Newburgh is a deceptively quiet village on the south bank of Scotland’s beautiful Tay River: and as a local gentleman was overheard to say “steeped in history, we don’t know how lucky we are”.

This site-specific four-day intensive masterclass will focus on the deep experience of place through immersion in this very particular landscape.

Using cloth, stitch, paper and locally gathered plant dyes along with drawing, writing, mark-making and paper-folding we will build a small and intricate workbook mapping the journey of our time together.

Walking will be an essential component of our work. There may even be singing.

In addition, India will personally supply each student with a material kit, included in the fee.

Materials for individuals to bring to Newburgh
  • Needles [range of sizes : sharps, darners and crewel] and stitching threads [natural fibres only]
  • Scissors
  • An A4 ziplock-sized bag of undyed fabric scraps – preferably silk and/or wool – can be odd shapes
  • Some sturdy rubber bands and a small ball of natural fibre string or sturdy wool yarn
  • A couple of soft drawing pencils
  • A small journal for keeping personal notes and a digital camera
  • An awl if you have one, or a cork with a thick needle inserted
  • A small [50ml] recycled jar for ink [or a small bowl, even a small ziplock bag will do]
  • 4 wooden spring-clip clothes pegs or bulldog clips [medium sized]
  • an large envelope of recycled paper pieces, can be old letters/envelopes, brown paper wrapping etc
  • a letter-sized tear-off pad of sturdy drawing paper


Being There - Newburgh - India Flint