Boned Bodice for Dancewear

with Jeanette Sendler
Jeanette Sendler's Boned Bodice for Dancewear

Jeanette Sendler’s Boned Bodice for Dancewear

The boned ballet bodice developed out of the corsetry of women’s garments of the 19th Century and remains part of the costuming for classical ballet. It supports the ballerina’s torso and enables it to remain still and poised whilst allowing her arms to fulfil the expressive gestures of the choreography. On this class you will learn to develop your pattern from the basic bodice block in your required size. Bodices for dancers have to be easily adjustable, therefore you will learn about the full range of requirements. These include seam allowances, lining, boning, piping and fastening. The bodice will be suitable for the plate or the romantic tutu. It is preferable if you have an intermediate level of dressmaking skills for this class. Some study in your own time is required if you wish to take full advantage of it.

Price: £270 plus £5 per day lunch (optional)

(Combined with the Plate Tutu class for the reduced price of  £495)

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