Charlotte Sehmisch’s Cellular Felt

Back by overwhelming popular demand!
Charlotte Sehmisch Cellular Felt

Charlotte Sehmisch Felt

Inspirational felt maker and teacher Charlotte Sehmisch, we are very happy to say, is returning again to Big Cat Textiles with her Cellular Felt class in 2017, following the resounding success of the class of 2016.

She is an award winning and internationally acclaimed felt artist and textile designer from Weimar, the home of Bauhaus. She has exhibited her work worldwide, in Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, Austria, USA and Australia, and receives regular invitations to run workshops and masterclasses across Europe and the USA.

‘It is a well known fact that the process of felting is calming and focuses the mind. The brain oversees problem solving, development and happy accidents whilst listening to good music or audio books; the hands work by themselves and turn the loose wool into material, gradually bringing order to chaos. The hands sense solid ground and want to sculpt. Somehow this transformation has a positive influence on our way of thinking.’

Charlotte’s three dimensional surfaces and geometric shapes evolve and metamorphose into twisting organic forms, expressing her unique vision and innovative approach to the art of feltmaking.

Price £500 plus £5 per day lunch (optional).

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Charlotte Sehmisch Felt