Under the Skin

with Charlotte Sehmisch

Charlotte Sehmisch is an award-winning internationally acclaimed felt artist and textile designer from Weimar, the home of Bauhaus, in Germany.

She has exhibited her work worldwide, in Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, Austria, USA and Australia. She is also regularly invited to run workshops and masterclasses across Europe and the USA.

Charlotte Sehmisch Under The Skin Hat Samples

We are happy to welcome Charlotte to Big Cat Textiles in 2013 to run a Masterclass for us. We hope you will welcome this very special opportunity to expand and enrich your feltmaking experience.

Please visit www.magarimagari.de  to see more of Charlotte’s stunning work.

Charlotte Sehmisch work examples

This masterclass will introduce a wide variety of surface techniques, and go on to explore how to apply these techniques to wearable items such as dresses, skirts, hats or scarves.

With Charlotte’s expert guidance, you will make a range of geometric, three dimensional shapes such as cubes, tetraeders and oloids, which will also incorporate elements of surface design.

Student technique samples

Student technique samples