Coloured Marks in Felt Making

with Jeanette Appleton

The aim of this 2 day class is to discover new marks and depth of colour by different methods of manipulating fibre and prefelts at each stage of the felt making process.

An initial paper and pastel exercise will heighten one’s awareness of colour from the layering and mixing possibilities. These will be used with other related source material in the collating of mood boards to focus individuals ideas for future one-off textiles, interior or fashion items.

A series of experiments to vary the mixing and layering of fibre will create interesting prefelts. These in turn will be manipulated to discover hidden and surprising spaces and marks within the cloth. Further colour will then be adding behind and on top using more fibre or fabric. Surprising shapes and layers of colour will appear once fully felted.

Sampling contrasts and compositional ideas for future work or a small finished item, depending on what emerges through the process. Individual guidance will be available to extend one’s personal approach and development for future projects.

This class was part of the 2016 Felt Forum.