Multi-layer techniques for seamless felt objects: Wearables and Wall Hangings

with Dagmar Binder

Dagmar Binder multi-layer techniques collar


This masterclass involves techniques of multi-layered surfaces in feltmaking, which is applicable to wearables as well as fine art objects.

You will start on Day One with a few small sample pieces to explore different possibilities of three dimensional felt making. You will learn how to connect and seperate various layers of wool, in order to produce a seamless felt item with three dimensionally structured surfaces.

Experimenting with several ways of laying out wool fibers and comparing the results, you will see how the initial layout influences and changes the final shape of a piece of felt.

On Day Two you will select one particular structure and apply it to a felt collar. The challenge is how to adjust its shape to fit to the neck and shoulders.

During Days Three and Four you will move on to a larger object. You will design your individual wallhanging. You will plan the final size, colors and shape and think about appropriate technique(s)  to achieve the specific structures you want. (It may be easier to do an ensemble of several smaller pieces rather than one big one.)

Days Five and Six involve creating a seamless garment in the form of a waistcoat with three dimensional elements applied to its surface. For each piece the process begins with a complete wool layout, then the pre-felt is fixed by rolling it and to finish, the specific shapes are massaged and moulded by hand.

Dagmar Binder multi-layer techniques waistcoat

Dagmar Binder multi-layer techniques wallhanging