Inclusions and Exclusions

with Joan Baxter

Joan Baxter inclusions and exclusions

inclusions and exclusions is a more experimental approach to materials and techniques for tapestry weaving.

This class is designed for those who have at least a basic knowledge of tapestry weaving.

Over the past few years Joan has been trying to push the boundaries of traditional tapestry by creating works that are not necessarily flat or rectangular and which use a wider range of materials as weft. She has developed some ideas that allow her to design and weave more freely in her medium without sacrificing any of the beauty and flexibility of the traditional form. This Masterclass aims to share these ideas and techniques, and to explore new ones.

The ‘inclusions’ could be weaving with found objects like twigs and grasses, for example, or the use of alternative weft materials like texts, photos, hand-made paper, recycled textiles etc. The ‘exclusions’ would be about learning how to leave voids, unwoven areas, where the warp is exposed.

Both inclusions and exclusions usually require a warp that is an active element in the design. Working on our own warps dyed as part of our design process, we will explore a range of weft materials suitable for our designs.

This Masterclass includes designing, making and dyeing a wool warp and weaving the piece.

Students will need to come to the class with a theme or design idea that they’d like to work with. They should also bring along a range of materials that might be interesting to try as wefts. Joan will bring wool warp to dye, coloured weft yarns, examples of inclusion materials and finished work samples.

Joan Baxter inclusions and exclusions