Intricate Nuno Structures

with Inge Bauer

Inge Bauer is an artist who works mainly in ultrafine, gossamer weight felt. She is particularly known for her unique, hand dyed palette, seamless garments and accessories. She exhibits widely, and has taught and studied around the world. Inge is currently based at Wollknoll, the Felting School in Oberrot near Stuttgart.

We are delighted to welcome Inge to Scotland and to Big Cat Textiles for the first time. She will offer this three day Masterclass followed by a two day Masterclass called Complex Bag Design.

Inge Bauer Intricate Nuno Structures

Inge Bauer Intricate Nuno Structures

Working with a variety of different fabrics such as silk ponge or linen and a very small amount of  fine merino wool, you will learn how to create very beautiful, light weight accessories, such as scarfs, cowls or gloves. Following Inge’s unique methods you will discover how to create these dense, luxurious structures and how they can be shaped to fit without cutting or sewing.