Shibori, Indigo and Beyond with Jane Callender

The focus of this workshop is on shibori – the inventive art of Japanese shaped resist dyeing. Many techniques have their origins in cultures throughout the world and as practitioners we become part of this special linked tradition.

Pleating, binding, cylinder wrapping, folding and machined resists will all be examined. Stitched techniques include motif design, attention to details that refine skills and pattern planning.

The results of your shibori will be revealed through the use of several different indigo vats: organic, natural and synthetic, providing the opportunity to assess which would best suit your working practice and facilities at home. The reduction process will be clearly illustrated in a short animated presentation. Variation in vat strength/depth of shade makes for an authentic experience, as selective dyeing procedures can be undertaken along with combination techniques. Iron rust, tannins and a selection of fibre reactive dyes extend the palette beyond blue.

This master class thoroughly explores the capabilities of shibori and indigo, both in its purest form and in its relationship with other colours, as techniques and dyes are mixed and matched. Jane offers a structured beginning to the week with the opportunity to be adventurous.  Be prepared, every process in this genre takes time.

Callishibori stencils will be available for use. All levels of experience are welcome.