Hat Block Carving in Polystyrene

with Jane Smith
Jane Smith Polystyrene Hat Blocks

Jane Smith Polystyrene Hat Blocks

Jane Smith started making hats for theatre and film in 1968, and works in felt, straw, buckram, plastic and fabric. She makes uniform caps and hats, naval bicornes, top hats and many more. Currently she works almost exclusively with principal actors in theatrical or film production. Always interested in the historical aspect of the shows and films she works on, she also teaches theatrical millinery at many of the most prestigious London Colleges.

On this 3 day masterclass you will learn how to design and carve a crown and brim from a dense polystyrene block.

Having established your basic shape you will then refine it by sanding and finishing. This is a unique opportunity to learn a technique from a skilled practitioner which will enable you to design and produce your own blocks at a fraction of the price of the wooden blocks. These beautiful shapes can be used for blocking felts, sinamay or buckram.

Polystyrene blocks will be available to purchase from Big Cat Textiles.