Jeanette Sendler’s Apron Dress

Jeanette Sendler Apron Dress

Jeanette Sendler Apron Dress

Jeanette has been wearing contemporary apron shaped dresses for many years and students have often asked her how to construct and make them. This class will start by looking at the history of aprons which form the inspiration for the style.

Measurements will  be taken to ensure individual fit. A personal bodice block will be drafted and then manipulated into a variety of apron dress styles. This process might be new to you or you could be a returner to pattern drafting. You will make your favourite pattern  into a toile which will then be individually fitted. From there you will cut out your dress in your chosen fabric and finally  concentrate on the finish of the garment, facings, straps, pockets and fastenings.

The simplicity of the garment has an appeal both for beginners and for those who like clear shapes.