Jeanette Sendler: Felt, Stitch & Nostalgia

Felted hanging with letterOn this workshop you’ll create a personalised cloth, e.g. a tablecloth, hanging or throw, inspired by your own personal narrative.

Starting with stories or phrases and basic drawings on paper you will develop traditional style stitch samplers.

You will try a simple method to transfer photographs or text onto fabric and to colour and dye wool and fabrics to reinvent old material or mementos.

Felt containerYou will experiment with sculpting fabric from two to three dimensions by pleating, folding, smocking and gathering. Using stitch and felt you can include pockets into your personal piece which will hold small objects, texts or letters. If you choose to work in three dimensions the shape of a vessel could provide your starting point.

You could also consider using a range of contrasting materials including found objects, such as wood or bone, metal coat hangers and nails turning your work into a real mixed media piece.

This week is ideal for people who would like the chance to work a little more independently, where personal mentoring forms an integral part of the programme.

NewYork felt piece‘The re-cycling of nostalgic items has a special significance in my textile work. It maintains a link with the past through using fragments from the lives we have lived. Most people collect and hangs on to things from the ‘olden days’. We keep these things as a key to the past, linking it to the present. These fragments authenticate and bear witness to our lives. They evoke a sense of time and place. The longer we keep these things the more sentimental our thoughts and memories become.The good memories become even better, colours we remembered are brighter or matt things turn shiny in our moments of remembering.’

Jeanette Sendler