Jeanette Sendler’s Graphic Knit Felt

Scotland based textile artist Jeanette Sendler takes her inspiration from the rough yet beautiful Scottish landscape. She’s passionate about working on a large scale where she has put her textiles literally back into the landscape.

7 Minutes of Explosion at Scord Quarry

During extensive stays on Shetland she taught herself machine knitting, enabling her to knit large-scale webs to incorporate into the environment. She also developed a combination of fine and chunky structures which she later made into interior hangings as well as a range of wearables.

Jeanette Sendler Interior Textiles

You will start by looking at inspirational photographs from the beautiful Shetland Isles, highlighting natural colours and rock formations. You will then master the basics of machine knitting; how to cast on, increase, decrease, and go on to study and learn from Jeanette’s playfully developed loosely knitted pieces. Using your own uniquely designed knitted samples you will felt them onto prefelt to produce stunning, graphic results.

Jeanette Sendler Graphic Knit Felt work in progress

Jeanette will introduce patterns from her 2013 summer collection which you can adapt to suit your own personal style.

Graphic Knit Felt applications

The focus of the course is threefold: to study surface design and the technique of machine knitting, to make felt and to experiment.