Jeanette Sendler: Pins and Needles Vintage Sewing

Clothing dating from before the 1920s we nowadays refer to as ‘antique’. Items produced between the 1920s and 1980s are described as ‘vintage’.Vintage sewing sample

Jeanette completed her apprenticeship in ladies tailoring in the early 1980s at the tail end of this vintage period. After the frills and flairs of that time she now concentrates on simplified, cleaner lines in her more recent work. Commercial paper patterns produced by Simplicity and Vogue amongst others are still available to us from roughly the 1940s onwards, which makes these patterns around fifty years old.

On this summer school you will learn to read and adapt an early pattern to today’s standard sizing. This allows you to reproduce a garment which would today be described as ‘retro’. With the patterns provided by Jeanette you will go on a journey into the past. There you will discover details of this particular decade with its eye for fine lines, twist and swing.

The course is especially suitable for students not wanting to become too technical in their approach. It also suits anyone prepared to experiment with original patterns to interpret and redesign their own shapes. The focus is on sewing, and particularly exploring details, such as pockets, flaps and covered buttons. There will also be a nostalgic opportunity to try out an old treadle Singer sewing machine.

Vintage sewing still

To complement the week there will be presentations, music and a library of costume books, vintage fashion magazines and good housewives guides. This week is suitable for the beginner and the more advanced, and particularly offers a chance to be inspirational and experimental.