Colour Developing Mixing, Matching and Blending Techniques

with Joan Baxter
Colour Developing Mixing Matching Blending Class

Still October Morning

You can take this class as a continuation of the Introduction to Tapestry class or it can stand alone. It is primarily aimed at those who already know the basics of tapestry. It is not however exclusively for tapestry weavers. It’s also applicable to other constructed textile processes such as knitting, cloth weave and canvass embroidery

Over the years Jean Baxter has developed her own way of using multi-stranded wefts to create rich and complex colour in her tapestries. This three day class is intended to introduce students to the techniques and processes involved.

Students will develop colour palettes for their textile work using a large range of coloured yarns that Joan will supply for the class. During the class you will make a series of colour samples derived from memory, from photographic or painted sources and from actual objects.

Students should bring: A strong wooden frame if you have one and a notebook and/or a camera to take notes.

For an interesting insight into Joan Baxter’s work and beautiful home visit (you’ll need to scroll down a bit)

Joan Baxter tapestry detail

Joan Baxter tapestry detail