Introduction to Colour & Tapestry Weaving

with Joan Baxter

Joan Baxter tapestry montage

‘My work deals with landscape, its echoes of  history, its legends, its atmospheres and moods. I am particularly inspired by the rich cultural heritage and wild beauty of the landscapes of the far North of Scotland where I live.

I choose to work in the traditional woven tapestry medium because I like the way my initial ideas can develop and expand during the slow and deliberate making process. The process, although a very ancient one, allows me to push boundaries in design, technique, materials and concepts.’ Joan Baxter

The basic toolkit of tapestry techniques, this class is suitable for complete beginners and those with a little experience. You may, if you wish, continue from Wednesday to Friday with Colour Developing Mixing, Matching and Blending Techniques.

The class will equip you with all you need to start with tapestry and to continue weaving your own simple tapestries at home.

Day One involves preparing and warping up the frame loom. Spacing and knotting the floor in prepartion for weaving. Plain weaving, introduction to weft control techniques. Information about frame and warp choices and exapmles of different warp spacings.

Day two is about simple shape-making, simple colour blending techniques and finishing off. There will be invaluable information on yarn types and sourcing yarns and a discussion on designing tapestries.

Students should bring: A strong wooden frame if you have one and a notebook and/or a camera to take notes.