Joke van Zinderen Scarf Masterclass

This is a unique chance to learn the technique of the internationally renowned Dutch feltmaker, Joke van Zinderen.

Sample Joke van Zinderin scarf 2Sample Joke van Zinderen scarfDuring the two days you will make your scarf and resist dye it, either through stitch or binding over sticks. You will produce an ultra thin scarf using a special felting mat provided by Joke. This method results in a supremely fine and even felt quality. Two dye baths are necessary to create one of Joke’s popular tiger print scarves. There will be an opportunity to purchase your own felting mat at the workshop if you would like to continue working with this technique at home.

Joke is a member of the IFA. For 3 years she served as secretary of the Dutch Felt Group. Besides making felt she organises master classes for feltmakers like Chad Alice Hagen, Dagmar Binder, Rutsuko Sakata and Karoliina Arvilommi amongst others.