Masterclass Schedule 2017

This is our masterclass schedule for 2017. Please email us at if you would like further information, and use the link to our online BOOKING FORM to open a booking and enquiry form in a new window.

Charlotte Semisch’s 2016 Cellular Felt masterclass was such a resounding success that we are already almost fully booked for her return in 2017! Reserve your place now while you can!

Big Cat Textiles Lunches

During every masterclass at Big Cat Textiles, we offer delicious homemade lunches, with ingredients sourced locally where possible. The lunch is a buffet and includes nutritious vegetarian soup, locally made multi-grain bread, salads, cheeses and fruit. Participants can help themselves to tea and coffee throughout the day. There is a charge of £5 per day for lunch to allow us to maintain the standards of the catering we provide. You are welcome to bring your own lunch should you prefer to opt out of this.

List of Classes

Use the images as links to go to a page with the details of each class.

Jeanette Sendler Creative Pattern Cutting masterclass

Jeanette Sendler Creative Pattern Cutting Newburgh 18-20 March 2017

Millinery Spring school

Jeanette Sendler Millinery Spring School Perth 7-9 April 2017

Jeanette Sendler's Plate Tutu

Jeanette Sendler The Plate Tutu Newburgh 1-3 May 2017

Jeanette Sendler's Boned Bodice for Dancewear

Jeanette Sendler Boned Bodice for Dancewear Newburgh 4-6 May 2017

Lightening Wool by Anna Gunnarsdottir

Anna Gunnarsdottir Lightening Wool Lampshades Newburgh 8-10 May 2017

Shell by Anna Gunnarsdottir

Anna Gunnarsdottir Sculptural Shapes Newburgh 11-12 May 2017

Richard McVetis Masterclass - My Grey Pencil Case

Richard McVetis Intro To Hand Embroidery Newburgh 22-23 May 2017

Charlotte Sehmisch Cellular Felt

Charlotte Sehmisch Cellular Felt returns to Newburgh 29 May-2 June 2017

Jane Smith Masterclass - example of Adele List millinery

Jane Smith The Origins of Straw Hat Making Newburgh 5-9 June 2017

Michel Garcia Dyes Image 1

Michel Garcia Ecological Methods Of Using Natural Dyes Newburgh 12-16 June 2017

Michael Brennand-Wood Masterclass

Michael Brennand-Wood Random Precision Newburgh 19-23 June 2017

Matthew Harris Text-ile

Matthew Harris Text-ile: the potential of the calligraphic mark Newburgh 3-5 July 2017

Caroline Bartlett Masterclass - Composite Origami

Caroline Bartlett Marking Cloth: Print and Manipulation Newburgh 10-14 July 2017

Joan Baxter Masterclass

Joan Baxter Weaving With Water Newburgh 17-21 July 2017

Anna Cocciadiferro Masterclass - Vintage Coats

Anna Cocciadiferro 1940s and 1950s Inspired Winter Coats Newburgh 24-28 July 2017

Heather Shields Scarf Weaving

Heather Shields: Weave Your Own Scarf Newburgh 31 July-2 August 2017

Summer Millinery Masterclass

Jeanette Sendler Straw Feathers & Flowers: Summer Millinery Perth 3-6 August 2017

India Flint Being (T)here

India Flint Being (T)here: Mapping the Poetics Of Place Newburgh 9-13 August 2017

India Flint Masterclass - Shibusa Bag

India Flint The Shibusa Bag Newburgh 16-18 August 2017

Caroline Dear Masterclass

Caroline Dear Binding Twinning & Ropemaking Newburgh 21-23 August 2017

Jennie Loudon Cloth Dolls 2

Jennie Loudon Character Cloth Dolls Newburgh 2-3 September 2017

May Jacobsen Hvistendahl Nunofelt

May Jacobsen Hvistendahl Nunofelt Jackets Newburgh 4-6 September 2017

May Jacobsen Hvistendahl Nunofelt

May Jacobsen Hvistendahl Nunofelt Dresses Newburgh 7-8 September 2017

Elizabeth Ashdown Masterclass

Elizabeth Ashdown Experimental Passementerie Newburgh 11-13 September 2017

Marie Friese Poetic Surface Design

Marie Friese Poetic Surface Design Newburgh 20-22 September 2017

Jeanette Sendler Pattern Cutting and Sewing

Jeanette Sendler Pattern Cutting and Sewing Newburgh 13-15 October 2017

Jeanette Sendler Autumn Millinery

Jeanette Sendler Autumn Millinery Perth 20-22 October 2017

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