Masterclass Programme

2018 Masterclasses – book now!

This year’s programme has something for every textile artist. Whether you’re looking to extend your skills in a discipline you’re already proficient in or want to try your hand at something new… whatever your ability, we’ve something for you.

We’ve also created a brochure for our stitch-based classes and a brochure for our feltmaking classes which you can print out if you prefer.

And if you’re still not sure which class is best for you, Alison is on hand to offer more guidance. And if you have any other questions, please contact Alison on

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Michel Garcia Ecodye Thumb

Ecological Methods of Using Natural Dyes with Michel Garcia

Monday 28 May to Friday 1 June (5 days) / £495         ONE PLACE AVAILABLE

Learn from Michel’s constantly evolving techniques how to prepare and produce dyes from both imported and locally sourced plants, with an in-depth exploration of tannins. Find out more

Charlotte Sehmisch Architectural Felt Thumb

Architectural Felted Sculptures with Charlotte Sehmisch

Monday 4 to Friday 8 June (5 days) / £495         PLACES AVAILABLE

Create stunningly intricate three-dimensional surfaces and geometric felted shapes that can be developed into wearable or decorative items. For more-experienced feltmakers. Find out more

James Hunting Gestures Stitch Thumb

Reconnect with the Gestures of Stitch with James Hunting

Monday 18 to Wednesday 20 June (3 days) / £295         PLACES AVAILABLE

Use simple hand-stitching to create movement, space and depth in pieces comprising different fabrics and transfer images. Find out more

Jeanette Sendler Summer Millinery Thumb

Summer Millinery with Jeanette Sendler

Thursday 21 to Sunday 23 June (3 days) / £295         PLACES AVAILABLE

A comprehensive introduction to traditional millinery techniques which can be used with a freeform approach to design to create your final finished hats. Find out more

Jane Smith 19th Century Hats Thumb

19th century hat-making inspired by film and theatre with Jane Smith

Monday 25 to Thursday 28 June (4 days) / £395         PLACES AVAILABLE

Inspired by film and theatre, create 19th Century-style hats from straw and buckram that can be finished with fabric and lavish trimmings. Find out more

Heather Shields Weave Scarf ThumbWeave a Scarf with Heather Shields

Thursday 19 to Saturday 21 July (3 days) / £295         PLACES AVAILABLE

Explore the interaction of coloured warps and wefts in samples before going on to design and make your own scarf. Find out more

Ricarda Assmann Felt Structures Thumb

Fascinating Felt Surfaces with Ricarda Aßmann

Monday 23 to Wednesday 25 July (3 days) / £295         PLACES AVAILABLE

Manipulate pre-felt pieces through layering, cutting, sewing and bulging to achieve samples with extraordinary surface design. For more-experienced feltmakers. Find out more

Ricarda Assmann Felt Jewellery Thumb

Felt Jewellery with mixed media elements with Ricarda Aßmann

Thursday 26 to Friday 27 July (2 days) / £195         PLACES AVAILABLE

Combine interesting materials and tame fractious fibres to create unusual felted jewellery pieces. For more-experienced feltmakers. Find out more

Gladys Paulus Bird Masks Thumb

Bird Masks (felt-making) with Gladys Paulus

Monday 30 July to Thursday 2 August (4 days) / £395         RESERVE LIST ONLY

Learn how to create a resist, build up a bird’s features and plumage, and felt all the pieces together to create a mask that will fully cover the head. For more-experienced feltmakers. Find out more

Anna Cocciadiferro Corsets Thumb

Corset-making with Anna Cocciadiferro

Saturday 4th to Monday 6th August (3 days) / £295         PLACES AVAILABLE

You will be shown how to adapt a standard corset block to your own measurements, and make up a corset in luxury fabrics, such as satin, and add trim according to taste. Find out more

Judit Pocs Felt Hats Thumb

Classic and Phantasy Hats (felting) with Judit Pocs

Monday 13 to Wednesday 15 August (3 days) / £295         PLACES AVAILABLE

Use Australian Merino wool to felt a wearable ‘every day’ hat, and a second sculptural hat with three-dimensional elements felted onto it. For more-experienced feltmakers. Find out more

Judit Pocs Felt Jewellery Thumb

Jewelleries with Chain Metals (felting and mixed media) with Judit Pocs

Thursday 16 to Friday 17 August (2 days) / £195         PLACES AVAILABLE

Combine metal chain, small interesting objects and textiles to create unique felted pieces of jewellery. For more-experienced feltmakers. Find out more

Elizabeth Ashdown Passementerie Thumb

Experimental Passementerie (weave) with Elizabeth Ashdown

Monday 20 to Wednesday 22 August (3 days) / £295 PLACES AVAILABLE

Explore the wonderful art of passementerie (woven trims) to produce samples that can be developed into larger-scale artworks, or used as trims for fashion and interior pieces. Find out more

Dagmar Binder Nature Thumb

Felting Inspirations from Nature with Dagmar Binder

Monday 20 to Wednesday 22 August (3 days) / £295 PLACES AVAILABLE

Produce a range of elements inspired by nature, such as pockets, petals and seedpods, and combine them to produce unexpected surface structures and forms. For more-experienced feltmakers. Find out more

Dagmar Binder Grid Panels Thumb

Shadow-casting Felted Wall Sculptures with Dagmar Binder

Thursday 23 to Saturday 25 August (3 days) / £295 PLACES AVAILABLE

Create small objects of intricate interconnecting lines inspired by organic and geometric forms before experimenting with larger scale panels. For more-experienced feltmakers. Find out more

Caroline Bartlett Conceal Reveal ThumbBetween the Folds – Concealing and Revealing with Caroline Bartlett

Monday 27 to Friday 31 August (5 days) / £495         PLACES AVAILABLE

Explore methods of mark making on fabrics, then experiment with structure and surface using origami and shibori techniques. Find out more

Eszter Bornemisza Monoprint Thumb

Experimental Monoprinting and Screenprinting with Eszter Bornemisza

Monday 3 to Thursday 6 September (4 days) / £395         PLACES AVAILABLE

Explore basic printing techniques, and the use of different paints and resists on paper and textiles to discover your own visual language. Find out more

Jennie Loudon Advanced Dolls Thumb

Cloth Doll-making (Intermediate to Advanced) with Jennie Loudon

Friday 14 to Monday 17 September (4 days) / £395         PLACES AVAILABLE

Use more advanced techniques such as dart-shaping, ears, toes and articulated fingers, to create your own character cloth doll. Find out more

Anna Gunnarsdottir Leather Bags Thumb

Leather Bags with Anna Gunnarsdottir

Monday 24 to Thursday 27 September (4 days) / £395         PLACES AVAILABLE

Colour and shape leather to form a bag of your own design, before adding decorative elements such as fish-skins, metals or fabric. Find out more

Image Awaited

Leather Jewellery with Fishskin with Anna Gunnarsdottir

Friday 28 to Saturday 29 September (2 days) / £195         PLACES AVAILABLE

Make a collection of jewellery – brooches, necklaces, ear-rings, bangles – from leather and decorate with additional elements such as horsehair, fabric, etc. Find out more

Jeanette Sendler Pattern Cutting Thumb

Pattern Cutting and Sewing with Jeanette Sendler

Friday 5 to Sunday 7 October (3 days) / £295         PLACES AVAILABLE

Create a toile from scratch, including fitting and adjusting to your own measurements, then manipulate your blocks into dynamic shapes. You’ll leave with your own pattern template, and the skills to make clothes to fit yourself perfectly. Find out more

Jeanette Sendler Autumn Millinery Thumb

Autumn Millinery with Jeanette Sendler

Friday 12 to Sunday 14 October (3 days) / £295         PLACES AVAILABLE

Use flat patterns to construct pillbox, cloche, bakerboy or wide-brimmed hats from felt and luxury faux fur perfect for cold, wintry days. Find out more