Leather Jewellery with Fish-skin

with Anna Gunnarsdottir

Friday 28th to Saturday 29th September (2 days)

£195 (materials included

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In this class, you will make jewellery from vegetable-tanned leather. You can make a collection of brooches, necklaces, ear-rings or bangles which you can decorate with any of the following: fishskin, horsehair, wood, metal or any piece of fabric. Leather, leather colours, leather-fastenings, fish-skin and horsehair will be provided and are included in the class fee.

This class is suitable for all, but hand-sewing skills are essential. 

This is the second of Anna Gunnarsdottir’s two Big Cat masterclasses. You can find details of her first class, Leather Bags, which takes place on the days prior to this class, here. The two classes are designed to offer complementary routes of exploration, but also to stand alone for anyone unable to attend both.

About the tutor

Anna Gunnarsdottir is one of Iceland’s leading textile artists. She has exhibited her works since 1997 in various countries, including Australia, the USA, Germany, Sweden and France, and has gained international recognition for her sculptural work.

  • You can connect with Anna on her Facebook page
  • To see more of her work, and learn more about her, take a look at her website

Anna Gunnarsdottir Leather Jewellery with Fishskin 1

Anna Gunnarsdottir Leather Jewellery with Fishskin 2

Anna Gunnarsdottir Leather Jewellery with Fishskin 3