Nunofelt Jackets

with May Jacobsen Hvistendahl

We are so happy to welcome May Jacobsen Hvistendahl back to Newburgh after meeting her at the Felt Forum in 2016. May’s beautiful work featured in the exhibition at the Steeple and was much admired by everyone. This year she is offering two nunofelt classes, one for jackets and one for dresses. You can book for either or both.

May says there are many different ways of making nunofelt clothes. For these classes however she will focus on a technique that uses the direction of the fibres to create the desired shape and form. Using only one layer of wool you can either make a light, lace-like garment for summer evenings. Or, a thicker one in the “Tattoo Style”, where you make designs on top of the silk.

You will begin by making samples to work out the shrinking factor, how much wool you’ll need and to ensure a quality finish. Having created a sample, you will be ready to proceed to design your own pattern / template.

In the jacket class you will also learn how to use silk velour or velvet to create a jacket that is soft and flexible in spite of its thickness.

Jacket class (3 days – Monday to Wednesday 4-6 September) – £300

Dress class (2 days – Thursday and Friday 7-8 September) – £200

or £485 for all 5 days. 

Plus £5.00 per day lunch – this is optional.

Use this link to open an online BOOKING FORM in a new window.

May Jacobsen Hvistendahl Nunofelt

May Jacobsen Hvistendahl Nunofelt