Random Precision: 3-dimensional line, stitch, structure and light

with Michael Brennand-Wood 19-23 June

Price: £500 plus £5 per day lunch (optional)

Sponsored student price – £395

The aim of the class

Using a personal collection of materials with strong linear qualities, participants will develop an individual vocabulary of three-dimensional lines. This challenging workshop is an exploration of stitch, dept, translucency, illusion and structure.

What you should achieve

The development of original solutions and outcomes through a process of investigation and research of personal imagery and technical innovation using your own collection of materials, which act as an individual palette. The class will generate ideas and approaches for development individually or in a group context.

Materials and techniques

Multi-media construction using fabric, thread, metal, paper, paint, and wood – plus other collage material.

You are invited to explore the notion of lines, both 2 and 3 dimensional and the construction of three-dimensional forms to be utilised as a basis on which to work; these could be wall or table/floor based.

3 Dimensional Line - Charlemagne 1978

Charlemagne 1978 and Slow Turning (detail) Michael Brennand-Wood

About Michael

Michael Brennand-Wood describes himself as “an artist with a sustained interest in textiles”. During his 40 odd years as a practising artist he’s held numerous exhibitions and has also worked as a lecturer (at Goldsmiths College, London), curator and arts consultant. He makes elaborate, eye-catching wall-hung pieces that are part sculpture, part textile. Covered in an intriguing variety of materials ranging from conventional textiles to flags, CDs and badges, the pieces have elaborate visual patterns which mask more profound meanings.’ Ideas in the Making

Recent work, inspired by the traditions of floral imagery has utilized computerized machine embroidery, acrylic paint, photography and collage. Exploring the illusionary space between two and three dimensions, these works are colourful, dramatic, rhythmic and holographic in feel with intense detail that merges at a distance into strongly optical configurations.

Class outline and what to bring

The first session will be a group introduction and outline of the workshop. I would ask that each participant bring something that either describes their working methods or illustrates their chosen area of visual research. This could be a sketchbook, object, piece of work or idea/inspiration image.

Please bring a selection of materials you wish to use. This should include fabrics, threads and any linear ‘lines’ i.e. wires, tapes, cords, strings, ribbons, etc. Papers, acrylic paint or any other collage material would also be useful; the emphasis is on a personal collection of materials, which act as an individual palette.

Bring a sewing machine if it’s something you enjoy using.

Teaching will largely be on a one-to-one basis, with a specific focus on the discussion of personal ideas and research sources.

Use this link to open an online BOOKING FORM in a new window.

Below is a short film made during the class in June 2017 in which Michael explains how he goes about designing the class and why Big Cat Textiles is a great place to take a class!