Molly Bullick’s Deconstructed and Spontaneous Screenprinting

A playful and unpredictable way of applying colour to cloth or paper with thickened dyes rather than the surface application of traditional screenprinting inks. The dye will transfer into the fibres of the cloth rather than sitting on the surface. In this workshop we ‘design’ on the screen, making marks, drawing or just creating textures with thickened Procion dyes. The screens are then dried and we print onto prepared cloth by releasing the designs with alginate paste. Each print is different, unlike the predictable repeat prints we associate with screenprinting. After ‘curing’ the cloth and washing it out, the results are usable in wearable artworks, wall hangings, cushion covers, quilts etc.

Molly Bullick Screenprints

Molly Bullick Print

Screens will be supplied but can be made from embroidery hoops or purchased ready made for use at home. In this class we will print on cotton but silk, linen and other natural fibres are exciting to use.