The Plate Tutu

With Jeanette Sendler
Jeanette Sendler's Plate Tutu

Jeanette Sendler’s Plate Tutu


The Plate Tutu is a couture dress for a ballerina. It is a short, stiff skirt made with layers of tulle or net that extends straight out from the hips in a flat plate shape, usually with a wire hoop and hand tacking to keep the layers flat.

Jeanette worked as a dresser for the ballet at the Comic Opera in Berlin, where she experienced the wear and tear of a good tutu. More recently she studied under the expert guidance of Brigid Strowbridge in London. Brigid’s career spans forty years in the profession.

During the class you will learn to develop the pattern for the basque and the knickers, and how to calculate the amount of net needed for up to ten layers. You may want to make a plain coloured tutu or work with coloured layers which increases the degree of complexity. This is a rare opportunity to gain insight into these specialist skills. You can take this three day class alone or together with the Boned Bodice for Dancewear class which follows.

Basic sewing machine skills required for this class.

Price: £270 plus £5 per day lunch (optional)

(Combined Boned Bodice for Dancewear and  Plate Tutu at the reduced price of £495)

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