Intro to Hand Embroidery with Richard McVetis

“A few of my favourite…..”
Richard McVetis - Units of Time

Richard McVetis – Units of Time

Embroidery (noun)

  1. The art or pastime of embroidering cloth.
  2. Embellishment or exaggeration in the description of an event.
    “fanciful embroidery of the facts”

Embroidery is an international language made up from hundreds of stitches. A few of these stitches happen to be the favourite of artist Richard McVetis.

Richard McVetis Embroidery

Richard McVetis Embroidery

In this two day workshop participants will explore the enormous scope of stitches and their versatility. Create fascinating textures and patterns, work a stitch in different threads changing its scale and spacing, work freely, and combine stitches to mark make and draw. This is an experimental approach to stitch and draws on the imagination of each participant.
Richard will be on hand to guide and inspire you through the workshop drawing on his ten years of stitching experience. This is also a chance to unwind, slow down and experience the benefits of this calming and contemplative process.

£185 plus £5 per day lunch (optional)

Sponsored student price – £140

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Richard McVetis - My Grey Pencil Case

Richard McVetis – My Grey Pencil Case