Dyeing the Blues to the Rhythm of Time

with Vivien Prideaux
Vivien Prideaux Dyeing the Blues

Vivien Prideaux Dyeing the Blues

There’s magic to natural indigo. The subtle tones and depth achieved through natural fermentation can never be replaced by synthetic dye and chemical reduction.

“It takes a little faith and some understanding of the process to work with a natural fermentation indigo vat. We live in a world of now and must have, it is so refreshing to step aside and work with the rhythm of the vat, discovering through traditional and cultural references, a wider vocabulary to use in your work”

Vivien Prideaux has worked with natural indigo all over the world. She will share her passion and traditional knowledge in a structured way, starting with the preparation and long-term maintenance of both  “bio” and “zinc lime”, natural Indigo fermentation vats.

We then proceed to preparation of natural materials for dyeing, sample methods of Shibori, folding, clamping, pleating and pole wrapping.

Everyone is welcome on this workshop from absolute beginners to those with much more experience; but an open mind and enjoyment of learning through discovery will maximise benefit from this very special opportunity.