Alison Mountain Dye Day

What’s your background? How did you first get started in dyeing?

I trained as a painter and have taught both theoretical and practical colour mixing in painting at a range of levels. Since working more closely with textiles it was a natural transition to apply these techniques to colouring fabrics; it’s interesting to compare the two approaches.

What are your starting points when dyeing?

Starting points vary depending on the project… sometimes I dye to a theme or mood, sometimes I use big contrasts or work from drawings, paintings or sketchbook pages. I also dye to order if someone is looking for a particular hank of yarn or piece of silk for a knitting or felting project.

What do you use dyeing for?

I dye for a variety of reasons. Sometimes I develop a collection of yarns for knitters, sometimes silk fabrics or fibres for felters. I have briefly experimented with leaf printing and natural dyeing but predominantly work with acid dyes and to a lesser extent, procion dyes on plant fibres.

What can participants expect on your Big Cat ‘Dye Day’ class?

This class will serve as an introduction to the process of acid dyeing and you’ll discover the possibilities of several techniques. The class takes place in our dedicated dye studio, which is equipped with access to burners and a range of pots, which enables us to dye larger pieces of fabric than might be possible in a domestic kitchen. We also have a big variety of resists that can be used to create marks and patterns on a range of fabrics. We supply wool and silk for sampling and instruct you in a range of techniques to introduce you to the possibilities of colouring fabrics and yarns with acid dyes.

It’s therefore ideal for people who are interested in dyeing, but want to find out more before investing in their own equipment. Participants can also request further access to our studio if you wish to extend your practice.

Alison Mountain is delivering two ‘Experimenting with Acid Dye’ classes this year:

For more information or to book on a class, just click on the links above.

Alison’s hand-dyed yarns and fibres are available to purchase from Hat in the Cat, 2 Main Street, Perth, or from the pop-up shop that is open at Big Cat whenever there are courses running. Alison also takes commissions if there’s a particular yarn or colour combination you’re looking for. Contact her on 07703 023917.