Masterclass Programme

2019 Masterclass programme!

Here’s the masterclass programme we’ve lined up for 2019. You can book here where you can also view our cancellation policy for all the classes listed below. Use the “Find out more” links to go to individual class description pages.

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Alison Mountain Sketchbooks Thumb

Sketchbook Day with Alison Mountain

Saturday 18 May (1 day) £70       PLACES AVAILABLE

Explore sketchbook forms to discover what inspires and excites you. Allow yourself to create new artworks without censoring your ideas to extend your existing practice. Find out more.

Ricarda Aßmann 3D Jewellery Thumb Thumb

One of a kind – 3 dimensional felt jewellery with Ricarda Aßmann

Monday 20 to Tuesday 21 May (2 days) £195       PLACES AVAILABLE

Manipulate pre-felt pieces to create eye-catching jewellery, using unusual material mixtures, incorporating three dimensional objects and gold-plate felted parts. Find out more.

Ricarda Aßmann Colour Lab

Colour Lab with Ricarda Aßmann

Wednesday 22 to Thursday 23 May (2 days) £195       PLACES AVAILABLE

With an emphasis on play, you’ll experiment with different techniques including screenprinting, stencilling or marbling onto fabric, and work them into a variety of felt pieces. Find out more.

Michel Garcia Thumb

Printing with colours from plants with Michel Garcia

Monday 10 to Friday 14 June (5 days) £495       FULL

Michel will share new insights and simple methods to make plant extracts which can be used to print onto wool, linen and cotton. Find out more.

Summer Millinery Thumb

Summer Millinery with Jeanette Sendler at Hat in the Cat

Friday 21 to Saturday 22 June (2 days) £195       PLACES AVAILABLE

A comprehensive introduction to traditional millinery tools and techniques, but with a contemporary approach to design. You’ll sample a range of media, including sinamay, felt and buckram, and make and trim two hats of your own design. This class takes place at the Hat in the Cat studio in Perth. Find out more.

Wire Structures Thumb

Wire Structures throughout the Centuries with Jane Smith

Monday 24 to Thursday 27 June (4 days) £395       ONE PLACE LEFT

Learn how to make a wire frame as a foundation to support lace and organza for 1920s hats, and apply fabric and jewels. Ideal for professional milliners. This class takes place at the Hat in the Cat studio in Perth. Find out more.

Flower Making Thumb

Flower-making with Loreen Lightfoot

Saturday 29 June to Monday 1 July (3 days) £295       PLACES AVAILABLE

Learn techniques to create intricate hand-shaped and tinted silk flowers from a world-renowned costume-maker/designer. Perfect for professional milliners and costume-makers who want their trimmings to be as bespoke as their garments. This class takes place at the Hat in the Cat studio in Perth. Find out more.

Side and Beyond Thumb

On this Side and Beyond with Charlotte Sehmisch

Monday 8 to Friday 12 July (5 days) £495       PLACES AVAILABLE

Construct a felt piece with three dimensional structures on both front and back to produce a spectacular wall-hanging or free-standing object. You’ll incorporate integrated lighting that will reveal the hidden structures. Find out more.

Corset Making Thumb

Corset making with Jeanette Sendler

Friday 2 to Sunday 4 August (3 days) £295       PLACES AVAILABLE

Adapt a standard corset block to your own measurements, and make up a corset in a luxury fabric, such as satin, and add trim to taste. Find out more.

Summer Tapestry Thumb

The Colours of Summer: Tapestry Weaving with Joan Baxter

Monday 5 to Thursday 8 August (4 days) £395       ONE PLACE LEFT

Draw inspiration from the environs of Newburgh – the ripening fields, trees in full leaf, and the sky reflected on the waters of the Tay Estuary – to inform a tapestry weaving under Joan’s tutelage. Find out more.

Alison Mountain Dye Thumb

Dye Day 2 with Alison Mountain

Friday 9 August (1 day) £70       PLACES AVAILABLE

Learn how to dye a mixture of simple yarns, pre-felts, silk and wool fabrics using acid dyes. You’ll experiment with over-dyeing and simple clamping, as well as mixing pigments in a variety of ways to create a larger and more personal palette of colours. Find out more.

Caroline Bartlett Collage Thumb

From collage to printed textiles using heat transfer with Caroline Bartlett

Tuesday 13 to Thursday 15 August (3 days) £295       PLACES AVAILABLE

Use collage to initiate a personal approach inspired by natural forms. Develop ideas into textile samples using disperse dyes and sublimation printing on manmade fabrics. Go on to print a scarf or pattern pieces, or transform an existing garment. Find out more.

Caroline Bartlett Origami Thumb

Origami-inspired wearable using heat setting and sublimation printing with Caroline Bartlett

Friday 16 August (1 day) £95       PLACES AVAILABLE

Combine folding techniques inspired by origami and heat setting to create a small wearable neckpiece or 3D object. Explore sublimation printing to colour, and enhance form. Find out more.

Black and White to Infinity Thumb

Black and White to Infinity – Feltmaking Design with Jorie Johnson

Monday 19 to Friday 23 August (5 days) £495       PLACES AVAILABLE

Explore methods of applying Sumi ink to silk to produce unique textile designs. Develop your samples into original felted artworks, 3D objects or vessels. Find out more.

Longing Belonging Thumb

Longing: Belonging with India Flint

Tuesday 17 to Saturday 21 September (5 days) £895       PLACES AVAILABLE

Spend time with India in Newburgh, find your bearings, make time to breathe. You’ll construct a personal notebook with protective dyed and stitched cover, and use various methods to imbue the pages with local colours that reflect your surroundings. Find out more.

Pattern Cutting Thumb

Pattern Cutting Trousers & Tunics with Jeanette Sendler

Friday 4 to Sunday 6 October (3 days) £295       PLACES AVAILABLE

Make blocks to your own measurements, manipulate them into dynamic shapes, and create a toile from scratch. You’ll leave with your own pattern template, and the skills to make clothes to fit yourself perfectly. Find out more.

Autumn Millinery Thumb

Autumn Millinery with Jeanette Sendler at Hat in the Cat

Friday 18 to Saturday 19 October (2 days) £195       PLACES AVAILABLE

A comprehensive introduction to traditional millinery tools and techniques, but with a contemporary approach to design. You’ll use flat patterns to construct pillbox, cloche, bakerboy or wide-brimmed hats. Perfect for cold, wintry days! This class takes place at the Hat in the Cat studio in Perth. Find out more.

Wearable Felt Thumb

Wearable geometric felt with Andrea Noeske Porada

Monday 28 to Wednesday 30 October (3 days) £295       PLACES AVAILABLE

Learn Andrea’s world-famous felt-folding techniques to develop designs that are suitable for clothing as well as design or art objects. Find out more.

Faceted Jewellery Thumb

Faceted jewellery or small sculptures with Andrea Noeske Porada

Thursday 31 October to Friday 1 November (2 days) £195       PLACES AVAILABLE

Inspired by origami artists such as Paul Jackson and Eric Gjerde, you’ll learn the process of creating intricate, yet striking three-dimensional constructions and foldings to create felted jewellery and small objects. Find out more.