Masterclass Programme

2019-20 Masterclass programme!

Here’s the programme of confirmed textile classes we’ve lined up so far for 2019-20. The full 2020 programme is under discussion and details of a provisional lineup can be found on the Latest News page.

You can book here where you can also view our cancellation policy for all the classes listed below. Use the “Find out more” links to go to individual class description pages.

If a class is marked FULL you can still make a booking enquiry and be put on a waiting list.

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Note that Jennie Loudon’s classes Seahorses and Seasnails and Wild Beasts of the Wood, which were originally scheduled to run in October, have now been postponed until next year. We have also moved the Autumn Millinery class until later in the Autumn following the award to Jeanette of a residency in Chile during October and November.

Masterclasses 2019 - Andrea Noeska Porada Wearable Felt

Wearable geometric felt with Andrea Noeske Porada

Monday 28 to Wednesday 30 October (3 days) £295       PLACES AVAILABLE

Learn Andrea’s world-famous felt-folding techniques to develop designs that are suitable for clothing as well as design or art objects. Find out more.

Masterclasses 2019 - Andrea Noeska Porada Faceted Jewellery

Faceted jewellery or small sculptures with Andrea Noeske Porada

Thursday 31 October to Friday 1 November (2 days) £195       PLACES AVAILABLE

Inspired by origami artists such as Paul Jackson and Eric Gjerde, you’ll learn the process of creating intricate, yet striking three-dimensional constructions and foldings to create felted jewellery and small objects. Find out more.

Masterclasses 2019 - Jeanette Sendler Autumn Millinery

Autumn Millinery with Jeanette Sendler at Hat in the Cat

Saturday 16 to Sunday 17 November (2 days) £195       FULL

A comprehensive introduction to traditional millinery tools and techniques, but with a contemporary approach to design. You’ll use flat patterns to construct pillbox, cloche, bakerboy or wide-brimmed hats. Perfect for cold, wintry days! This class takes place at the Hat in the Cat studio in Perth. Find out more.

Masterclasses 2020 - Alison Mountain Dye Day

Dye Day with Alison Mountain

Sunday 16 February 2020 (1 day) £70       PLACES AVAILABLE

In this one-day workshop, you will experiment with dyeing a mixture of sample yarns, pre-felts, silk and wool fabrics and fibres using acid dyes, over-dyeing and simple clamping, and mixing pigments in a variety of ways to create a larger and more personal palette of colours. Find out more.

Masterclasses 2020 - Alison Mountain Sketchbook Day

Sketchbook Day with Alison Mountain

Sunday 1 March 2020 (1 day) £70       PLACES AVAILABLE

This class explores different approaches to the working sketchbook. Look at new ways of developing and extending ideas to help you gain a deeper understanding of what inspires and excites you, and how you can begin to use and develop this information in your individual art work. Find out more.

Masterclasses 2020 - Lise Bech Willow Baskets

Asymmetric Sculptural Willow Baskets 1 with Lise Bech

Saturday 7 to Monday 9 March 2020 (3 days) £295        FULL

One of two rare opportunities to work with Lise Bech who has developed this iconic form to free the willow up from its traditional geometric structures, allowing it to reflect its natural flexibility and forgiving nature. Only a small number of places so don’t delay! Find out more.

Masterclasses 2020 - Richard McVetis A Stitch Action

A Stitch Action with Richard McVetis

Friday 13 to Sunday 15 March 2020 (3 days) £295        PLACES AVAILABLE

For this workshop Richard will be focusing on time, labour and care to develop 3 days of stitching. Our objectives: to develop traditional hand embroidery skills, to translate your own thoughts and inspiration into stitch, and to develop an understanding of embroidery as a contemporary art medium. Find out more.

Masterclasses 2020 - Lise Bech Willow Baskets

Asymmetric Sculptural Willow Baskets 2 with Lise Bech

Saturday 28 to Monday 30 March 2020 (3 days) £295        FULL

This was the first of Lise’s two classes to be advertised, and it’s because it filled up so quickly that we’ve asked her to slot in another class on 7 March. Same class, same tutor, same magical surroundings, same legendary lunches! Find out more.

Masterclasses 2020 - Jane Smith Bicorns

Bicorns with Jane Smith

Tuesday 23 to Thursday 25 June 2020 (3 days) £295        PLACES AVAILABLE

The magnificent Bicorn can be made using a buckram base to be covered in fabrics or a felt hood, blocked and folded, as originally made, with ribbon cockade, button and loop. Blocks will be available and patterns supplied for a variety of styles. Find out more.