Masterclass Programme

As Big Cat’s many friends will be aware, our entire Masterclass programme from March 2020 onward fell victim to the Coronavirus pandemic. We are leaving the programme here for the time being as a reminder of what might have been.

Realistically, we cannot take Big Cat forward in anything like its unique historic form. The future is just too uncertain to allow for proper forward planning. We are looking into a number of options for a scaled down operation, but it may be some time before we can reach a decision.

Meantime, we would like to send out much love to all the people who over the last 10 years have been part of what Big Cat became. It’s been an unforgettable experience.

Masterclasses 2020 - Lise Bech Willow Baskets

Asymmetric Sculptural Willow Baskets 2 with Lise Bech

Saturday 28 to Monday 30 March 2020 (3 days) £295        CANCELLED

A rare opportunity to work with Lise Bech who developed this iconic form after studying in Europe  to free the willow up from its traditional geometric structures, allowing it to reflect its natural flexibility and forgiving nature.Find out more.

Masterclasses 2020 - Jennie Loudon Spring Chickens

Spring Chickens in Needlefelt with Jennie Loudon

Sunday 5 April 2020 (1 day) £55        CANCELLED

On this one day class you will first of all be making a little Easter chicken as an introduction to the technique for students who are new to needlefelting. You will then move on to create a larger hen or rooster. Find out more.

Masterclasses 2020 - Heat Press Day

Heat Press Day with Jeanette Sendler

Saturday 25 April 2020 (1 day) £70        CANCELLED

Returning by popular demand – come and experiment with our heat press for a day. Discover a range of exciting techniques and effects using paper and fabric, cutting, folding pleating and dyeing. Find out more.

Masterclasses 2020 - Dye Day 2

Dye Day with Alison Mountain

Sunday 3  May 2020 (1 day) £70        CANCELLED

In this second Dye Day, you will experiment with dyeing a mixture of sample yarns, pre-felts, silk and wool fabrics and fibres using acid dyes, over-dyeing and simple clamping, and mixing pigments in a variety of ways to create a larger and more personal palette of colours. Find out more.

Masterclasses 2020 - Mixed Media Day

Mixed Media Day with Alison Mountain and Jeanette Sendler

Saturday 16 May 2020 (1 day) £70        CANCELLED

A one day experimental workshop which will stretch and expand your use of media, as well as hopefully introducing you to new possibilities you have neither the space nor opportunity to engage with at home! Find out more.

Masterclasses 2020 - Valerie Wartelle Felt Landscapes

Expressive Landscapes in Felt with Valérie Wartelle

Friday 29 to Saturday 30 May 2020 (2 days) £195        CANCELLED

This course allows students to delve deeper into the creative process to support their personal practice. It is suitable for all levels of ability from beginners to experienced felters. Use the wet-felting process to work with wool fibres, silk threads and fabrics. Find out more.

Masterclasses 2020 - Marjolein Dallinga Inner and Outer Spaces

Form in Felt: Inner & Outer Spaces with Marjolein Dallinga

Tuesday 2 to Friday 5 June 2020 (4 days) £395        CANCELLED

This workshop will deepen consciousness about experiences learned from sculpting with felt and other fibres. You will explore different sculptural form ideas, focusing on basics like colour, design, and conceptions of an artwork. Find out more.

Masterclasses 2020 - Joan Baxter Human Form Weaving

Weaving the Human Form with Joan Baxter

Tuesday 9 to Friday 12 June 2020 (4 days) £395         CANCELLED

In this class you will explore different ways to portray the human form in tapestry. Students should bring their own drawings and/or photographs as a starting point. (Please NOT digital images on a screen but actual drawings or printed photographs.) Find out more.

Masterclasses 2020 - Jeanette Sendler Pattern Cutting Dresses

Pattern Cutting & Sewing Dresses with Jeanette Sendler

Saturday 20 to Sunday 21 June 2020 (2 days) £195        CANCELLED

Two days of cutting and sewing summer dresses. We will discuss a range of design details, such as neck and hemlines, pockets and sleeve options. The process will sharpen your eye and will present you with a number of choices. Find out more.

Masterclasses 2020 - Jane Smith Bicorns

Bicorns with Jane Smith

Tuesday 23 to Thursday 25 June 2020 (3 days) £295        POSTPONED

The magnificent Bicorn can be made using a buckram base to be covered in fabrics or a felt hood, blocked and folded, as originally made, with ribbon cockade, button and loop. Blocks will be available and patterns supplied for a variety of styles. Find out more.

Masterclasses 2020 - Loreen Lightfoot French Flower Making

French Flower-Making with Loreen Lightfoot

Friday 26 to Sunday 28 June 2020 (3 days) £295        CANCELLED

This year’s flower making class will focus on using velvets and satins. Orchids and pansies are the featured flowers and the class will especially concentrate on paint effects to create both flowers. We will learn several different techniques to finish the stems and more detailed leaves this year. Find out more.

Masterclasses 2020 - Gladys Paulus Sampling

The Art of Sampling with Gladys Paulus

Tuesday 30 June to Friday 3 July 2020 (4 days) £395         CANCELLED

The power of the humble sample is often underestimated. Not only can samples help you avoid costly (and painful) mistakes in the long run, they can also help you get through creative blocks, and can even become art works in their own right. Find out more.

Masterclasses 2020 - Charlotte Sehmisch Bigger Picture

A Bigger Picture with Charlotte Sehmisch

Monday 6 to Friday 10 July 2020 (5 days) £495         CANCELLED

Use felt to construct a series of wall-hangings or free-standing objects to be lit up from either behind or below. Extend and combine techniques to create a more complex composite structure to your own design and personal specifications: a Bigger Picture. Find out more.

Masterclasses 2020 - Cally Booker Double Weave

Mastering Double Weave with Cally Booker

Tuesday 14 to Thursday 16 July 2020 (3 days) £295         CANCELLED

During this class you will design a block threading on 8 shafts and weave a double weave sampler. Techniques will include loom-controlled double weave and pick-up. The emphasis will be on understanding the way double weave works, so that you can create your own original drafts. Find out more.

Masterclasses 2020 - Caroline Bartlett Second Skin

Cloth, Clothing and Memory: The Second Skin with Caroline Bartlett

Monday 27 to Wednesday 29 July 2020 (3 days) £295         CANCELLED

Starting from your own recollections and collected items, working with ideas of cloth and memory and sublimation printing processes you will explore printing onto, and then from small items or parts of garments. Find out more.

Masterclasses 2020 - Ekta Kaul Stitch Cartography

Cartography In Stitch with Ekta Kaul

Tuesday 4 to Friday 7 August 2020 (4 days) £395         CANCELLED

This course will focus on how to use the stitch to make commemorative maps celebrating our personal stories and those of our loved ones. Journeys (both external and internal), memorable moments and places will be used as starting points. Find out more.

Masterclasses 2020 - Jorie Johnson Felt Bead Accessories

Shibori Felt Bead Accessories with Jorie Johnson

Monday 17 to Wednesday 19 August 2020 (3 days) £295         CANCELLED

This three day class introduces you to felt bead-making production in a variety of sizes and shapes such as popcorn, log, flat and round, as well as cut-pendant spirals. Find out more.

Masterclasses 2020 - Jorie Johnson Berets and Bags

From the Simple to the Sublime with Jorie Johnson

Thursday 20 to Saturday 22 August 2020 (3 days) £295         CANCELLED

Jorie will take you through beret design and manufacture with all its variations. Using a finer quality, dyed wool your chosen form will be made with the design idea in mind that it will be further embellished by over-dyeing with clamp-resist techniques. Find out more.

Masterclasses 2020 - Cathy Moon Shibori Jewellery

Naturally Dyed and Beaded Shibori Jewellery with Cathy Moon

Wednesday 26 to Friday 28 August 2020 (3 days) £295         CANCELLED

You will use Shibori stitching and Arashi Shibori techniques to make 3-dimensional forms that can be fashioned into sculptural jewellery wearables – earrings, neckpieces, arm cuffs and brooches – over this 3 day workshop. Find out more.

Masterclasses 2020 - Michel Garcia Contemporary Natural Dyeing

Contemporary Natural Dyeing with Michel Garcia

Monday 7 to Friday 11 September 2020 (5 days) £495         CANCELLED

On this 5-day class, master dyer Michel Garcia will share his new insights into natural dyeing with simple but stunning methods to get solid dyes onto natural fibres and fabrics, using water and energy saving methods wherever possible. Find out more.

Masterclasses 2020 - Pattern Cutting & Sewing Trousers

Pattern Cutting & Sewing Trousers with Jeanette Sendler

Saturday 3rd to Sunday 4th October 2020 (2 days) £195          CANCELLED

You will learn how to draft your fitted trouser block, and continue with your working pattern to add various details before cutting and fitting a toile. You will be taught finishing techniques such as how to insert a zip, pockets, a waistband or work facings. Find out more.

Masterclasses 2020 - Leiko Uchiyama Nuno Pine Needles

Nuno Pine Needles Wrap with Leiko Uchiyama

Tuesday 27th to Friday 30th October 2020 (4 days) £395          CANCELLED

Nuno Pine Needles is the signature technique of Japanese felt artist Leiko Uchiyama, originally inspired by pine needles spread on the surface of the snow in her home town of Sapporo. In this Masterclass she is going to share, for the first time, the way she makes her own exquisite pieces. Find out more.