Longing: Belonging

with India Flint

Tuesday 17th to Saturday 21st September (5 days), 10am-5pm

£895 including materials

Plus £5 for lunch (optional) – all dietary requirements catered for

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Explorers and researchers prided themselves on classifying, quantifying and naming the places, creatures and plants they encountered. A wondering wanderer takes a gentler approach, paying attention to the sky, the passing river and encounters with falling leaves. Reflecting on each encounter, being open to the ‘thin places’ of the world, those we stumble across without expectation, where we suddenly find ourselves awash in time.

I have found Newburgh to be one of these places, changing magically with the tides that wash in and wash out, their timing and depth determined by the moon.

In this five-day workshop we will construct a personal notebook to carry with us on our journeys, sheltering it in a protective dyed and stitched cover that has places for pens and pencils, pockets for precious little. We will imbue the pages with local colour, add pages harvested from discarded books and others made from repurposed envelopes and found fragments. We shall craft brushes and drawing tools from tide findings and map our walks across the pages with ink and graphite, make marks, gather symbols, write words. We will coax colour from plants, make drawings, wind skeins of memories and begin to stitch them into a journeycloth, a soft shawl that will become a kind of comforter for the wanderer.

This retreat is about finding our bearings, making time to breathe and gathering solid ground under our feet, to sustain and support us as we travel on.

About the tutor

World-renowned artist India Flint describes herself as a botanical alchemist, working traveller, dreamer, writer, gatherer, wayfarer and the original discoverer of the eucalyptus ecoprint.

You can find out more and see some of her pieces on her website indiaflint.com

Or follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

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