Mastering Double Weave

with Cally Booker

Tuesday 14th to Thursday 16th July (3 days)


Plus £7 per day for lunch (optional) – most dietary requirements catered for

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Weaving more than one layer at a time offers the weaver tremendous scope for creative design with colour and pattern. This workshop will give you a firm grounding in the basic principles of double weave on eight shafts, and you’ll explore the possibilities of layer exchange, block designs, and colour effects.

During this three-day class you will design a block threading on 8 shafts and weave a double weave sampler. Techniques will include loom-controlled double weave and pick-up.

We will discuss designing and making warps for double weave as well as further options for multi-layered weaving. The emphasis will be on understanding the way double weave works, so that you can create your own original drafts.

8-shaft Ashford table looms and pre-wound warps will be provided. Stick shuttles and pick-up sticks will be available as well. You will need to bring:

  • Squared paper, pencil, coloured pencils
  • Weaving accessories: scissors, reed/heddle hooks, tape measure.
  • You may also want to bring a couple of your favourite shuttles, if you don’t like stick shuttles.

If you prefer to bring your own table loom, please let us know.

This workshop is suitable for weavers with experience of shaft looms. You should be able to dress the loom yourself.

About the tutor

Cally Booker is a handweaver based in Dundee and much of her inspiration is drawn from the city: from the grandeur of its waterfront setting to the details of quirky buildings and everyday living. She makes extensive use of multi-layered weaves, and the interplay of different layers of colour gives her work its distinctive appeal.

Cally is passionate about making things by hand and shares her love of weaving through The Weaving Space, a programme of workshops based in her colour-filled studio. She is a member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen and a past president of Complex Weavers.

Cally’s website is at, her Instagram is @cally.booker and Facebook @bonnyclaith.

Cally Booker Double Weave 1

Cally Booker Double Weave 2

Cally Booker Double Weave 3