Mixed Media Day

with Alison Mountain and Jeanette Sendler

Saturday 16 May 2020 10am-5pm (1 day)

£70 excluding materials

Plus £7 for lunch (optional) – most dietary requirements catered for

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A one day experimental workshop which will stretch and expand your use of media, as well as hopefully introducing you to new possibilities you have neither the space nor opportunity to engage with at home!

This class is an offshoot of the one day sketchbook class, enabling you to play freely with a whole range of materials in a truly experimental way which will hopefully help you develop and take forward ideas and embryonic thoughts you may have tentatively explored in your sketchbook.

In the morning we will focus mainly on soft media such as fabrics, threads, yarns, and paper, trying out new ways of joining and combining the material to stimulate ideas for possible projects.

In the afternoon we will introduce a range of ‘hard’ media, such as wood, metal, wire, plastic, and of course we will discuss also the possibility of combining soft and hard elements in future outcomes.

We will provide a range of media for you to experiement with, and basic tools to work with.

We also invite you to bring any materials you may have collected at home to add to the collection!

About the tutors

Alison Mountain is a multimedia artist and teacher who together with Jeanette Sendler owns and runs Big Cat Textiles. Primarily a painter, she has also focused on the creative process and co-authored Think inside the sketchbook (Collins, 2011).

She has led classes in creativity at all levels with particular emphasis on the development of sketchbook led processes to support personal practice whatever your discipline.

Jeanette Sendler is a milliner and costume designer. She commenced her training as a ladies’ tailor at the age of 16, and has been developing her practice at various Opera Houses, other professional engagements, residencies, and exhibitions ever since. She currently designs and sells bespoke hats and period costumes at Hat in the Cat, and runs Big Cat Textiles with her business partner Alison Mountain.

  • For more information about her hats and period costumes, as well as the other classes she offers, see her website.
  • To see recent examples of her work, or connect with her, go to her Facebook page.

Mixed Media Day 1

Mixed Media Day 2

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