Plant Colour Printing

with Michel Garcia

Monday 10th to Friday 14th June (5 days)

£495 (materials included)

Plus £5 per day for lunch (optional) – all dietary requirements catered for

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In this 5-day class, inspired and informed by the biology of plants, Michel will share new insights and simple methods to make plant extracts which can then be printed onto wool, linen and cotton.

You will start by examining the dye-plants in detail to recognise which type of colourant is in each. By identifying flavonoids, quinones or some uncommon direct dyes, you will then learn how to calculate the most appropriate method to get the best from these plants.

Home-made extracts from classical plants such as madder and indigo plants will be revisited, as well as new ones, using ancient recipes. You will then explore basic silk-screening, block printing and direct brushwork techniques to apply the colour to various fabrics.

All the colour samples from each creative exercise will be fully documented in an illustrated and personally constructed booklet which will be built up during the week.

Participants will also discover how to make their own textile steamer, which will be used to fix their prints.

There will be plenty of new material for people who have previously attended one of Michel’s masterclasses, but it is also suitable for people who have just started to explore natural dyeing, and who are eager to learn from one of the world’s undisputed experts.

About the tutor

Michel Garcia’s reputation as a true master of natural dyeing is undisputed. He is based in France, but his work takes him around the world where he continues to explore sustainable methods to extract colour from plants.

We are delighted that Michel is returning to Newburgh to share his extensive knowledge with a class at Big Cat Textiles.

  • For more information, see his website.

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